Sean Fury

Sean Fury Is 2nd to None


Sean Fury Is 2nd To None

1. Give Me the Microphone

2. They Keep Talking

3. Chato

4. If You Don't Want Her Sleeping in My Bed

5. The World Cup

6. Texas

7. She's Not My Girlfriend Country

8. She Said No, No, No

9. Sandy Road



Sean Fury Is Naes Furium


Sean Fury Is Naes Furium

Track 1. Just Leave Him Alone
Track 2. Shame
Track 3. Oh No
Track 4. Are You Feelin It
Track 5. Turn Me On
Track 6. She's My Angel
Track 7. I Can't Take for Your Love
Track 8. She Wants to Be
Track 9. Don't You Cry
Track 10. Help Me Santa

Jesus Made Me Do It

SEAN FURY: Jesus Made Me Do It

Track 1. His Name
Track 2. Jesus
Track 3. Rescue Me
Track 4. We Don't Know
Track 5. Nothing Can Change My Faith
Track 6. This Is What I'll Do For You
Track 7. Believe In Me
Track 8. Jesus Made Me Do It

Ladies Of Color

SEAN FURY: Ladies of Color

Track 1. Big Girls (1)

Track 2. Why Should It Matter (1)

Track 3. Ebony Princess

Track 4. Snow

Track 5. Latina

Track 6. Asian Girl

Track 7. Indian Arabic Girl

Track 8. Exotic Girl

Track 9. Bi-Racial

Track 10. Big Girls (2)

Track 11. Why Should It Matter (2)

The Legend Of Sean Fury
So Let It Be Written

SEAN FURY: The Legend Of Sean Fury So Let It Be Written

Track 1. They All Know My Name

Track 2. Do You Hear What I'm Saying

Track 3. Tell Me One Thing

Track 4. 800 CALL ME

Track 5. Wanted

Track 6. All She Wants

Track 7. I've Been Searching

Track 8. What Kind Of Man

Track 9. Explain

And Then There Was Sean Fury

And Then There Was Sean Fury : REX IMPERIUS

Track 1. A Thriller

Track 2. Mysterious

Track 3. Notorious

Track 4. When Is My Doom

Track 5. Somebody Tell Me

Track 6. Ruff

Track 7. I Don't Know Where She's Gone

Track 8. She's Not My Girlfriend

Sean Fury's Diversity

Sean Fury : Diversity

Track 1. Meda

Track 2. Shout

Track 3. The World Cries For Love

Track 4. You Say

Track 5. I Can't Go Home Again

Track 6. Don't Do It

Track 7. Why

Track 8. Brasil

Track 9. Meda Samba

The Man,The Myth,The Sean Fury

The Man The Myth The Sean Fury

1. Got To Get A Job

2. Do You Want Me

3. You're My Friend

4. Meda

5. Don't Wanna Be Alone

6. She Said

7. Sexuality

8. The World Cries For Love

9. Losing All the Time

10. Answering Machine

11. I Can't Believe Act l

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