Sean Fury Biography
(the long version)

Sean Fury, the master of mood music, has a song for you. Whoever you are and whatever mood you are in, the king of versatility has you covered with 78 original songs on 8 CDs that span a wide range of genres, from R&B, hip hop and pop to gospel, country and jazz. Sean's appeal cuts across conventional boundaries of race, gender and ethnicity. This is particularly true in Ladies of Color, a CD devoted to passionate adoration of the world's women, and he praises not just the Ebony Princess and the Latina, but Big Girls and Bi-Racial girls too. On stage, Sean Fury's sex appeal is palpable; dark, handsome and charismatic with gorgeous eyes, he woos women with his seductive voice, smooth delivery and fierce passion. He carries himself with the self assurance of a man who knows he could do some serious damage if it came down to it, but he doesn't feel the need to mention it. He is an athletic song and dance man who sometimes performs in a football jersey and baseball cap. Young studs from the 'hood who like their lyrics raw connect with his cool masculine style. Sean Fury feels their romantic pain in songs like You Say (Diversity), 800 Call Me and Tell Me One Thing (The Legend of Sean Fury) but they also feel his sting in Explain (The Legend of Sean Fury) when he chastises men who abuse their women. In the beautiful love songs Meda and This Is What I'll Do For You (Sean Fury, The Man, the Myth), he sings about the lengths a man will go to for the woman he loves.

Not all romantic encounters turn out well, of course, and he relates how life sometimes throws you a curve ball in the form of a gold digger in Notorius or a vampire in Mysterious (And Then There Was Sean Fury – Rex Imperious) or even a transgendered woman in Oh No (Sean Fury Is Naes Furium). I Can't Go Home Again is the sorry confession of a faithless serial womanizer. Its country style is one of the diverse genres Sean showcases on his Diversity album. Love of a higher order dominates his gospel album, Jesus Made Me Do It, a collection of songs about faith, praise and love that linger in your mind and lift your spirit. Sean considers what Jesus must have experienced on the cross in Rescue Me, and, in Jesus Made Me Do It, he acknowledges Him as the role model for his non-violent approach to life's frustrations. Down here on earth where racism is alive and well, Sean Fury confronts bigotry in Racism (There's Only One Sean Fury) and Just Leave Him Alone (Sean Fury Is Naes Furium) and he takes President Obama to task for not doing more for our black citizens in Are You Feelin It (Sean Fury Is Naes Furium). As a patriot who has served his country, Sean Fury was moved to record his own mellow jazz version of the Star Spangled Banner (There's Only One Sean Fury). Sean Fury has lived in ethnically diverse communities his whole life and champions the dignified, respectful and humane treatment for all people. He is a multilingual world traveler who feels a particular affinity for the vibrant culture and people of Brazil. He has an established following in Brazil and among Brazilians living in the US who have enjoyed his live performances at Brazil Days in the States. Sean Fury has collaborated closely for many years with Brazilian recording artist Waguiho Do Cavaco and has recently recorded with Fabricio Moreno. Sean Fury is, in the apt word of a fan, an everythinger, an exciting singer / songwriter, dancer and actor with an eclectic mix of musical styles and subjects who can bring excitement, energy and passion to any venue.